• Reviewed by: info  on: 2023/9/11 1:13:50
    Hello. I represent the country鈥檚 leading franchise consulting firm, Franchise Creator, responsible for growing over 600 businesses into multi-million-dollar empires, all through franchising. I am personally reaching out to you again because I truly believe you have developed a great concept which we can help you expand through franchising. I鈥檇 like to chat with you about our program and our proposed strategy to grow your company nationwide. Please use the following live calendar link to book a call with me: https://calendly.com/aryakhosravi/fc-development-cf Looking forward to speaking with you.
  • Reviewed by: jenni  on: 2023/3/16 4:15:46
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  • Reviewed by: info  on: 2022/12/7 0:31:55
    Hope you can appreciate my persistence; I have researched your brand online through multiple channels such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram and I have no doubt I can help you expand your brand to more locations through franchising. To learn more about our program for 2023 and book a quick follow up call between us please use the following calendar link: https://calendly.com/johnromney/fc-development-contact-form Best Regards, John Romney
  • Reviewed by: lorettasanchez55  on: 2021/2/7 7:12:23
    I thank you very much !!! Your food was definitely delicious and worth the drive !!! I will be back for your shrimp fried rice and perhaps much more !!!! Sincerely Loretta
  • Reviewed by: craftqueen22  on: 2021/1/14 19:24:47
    One of the meals I ordered was shrimp friend rice. It was excellent! I always order enough for 2 meal & it was even better the 2nd day!!! The service is great! I ordered delivery & it came really fast.
  • Reviewed by: sandrajordan811  on: 2021/1/12 7:49:33
    I have ordered a few times and the last time food was cold and was terrible I did call and complained and was told " that never has happened before " I ordered a large family meal three times and was not cheap . Advised it would be mentioned and no One has ever called me I will never use them again
  • Reviewed by: losrumblecats  on: 2020/9/16 21:13:05
    I came in to buy food today around noon. Young man at the counter took my order and had a mask he was not wearing on his face. I waited for my food and heard and saw him sneeze on to the counter. I wanted to walk out and ask for my money back. i did get my food and go home and wipe down the containers and extras. This is a era of COVID, we should all be respectful of one another. I had seen the cook with his mask on and preparing the food, so tis was some comfort. Fred Jimenez 480-206-3027 Losrumblecats@yahoo.com
  • Reviewed by: angelsg8  on: 2020/7/29 20:30:21
    I placed an order. How do I know when it is ready? No one is answering your phone at 8:15 at night. This was my first order and may be my last.
  • Reviewed by: fanter48  on: 2020/7/11 19:27:16
    I ordered food tonight and I ask for sriracha sauce on the side didn't get it n my husband order of fried rice was not right all I saw was soy sauce over white rice so pissed off n owner was pissed off last time I ordered from grub hub lmoa I'm moving forward bye big bowl
  • Reviewed by: mhernandez88  on: 2020/6/15 12:27:15
    Best meal ever! Food was very fresh and delicious, and servings were so generous plentiful that we will be able to enjoy it for dinner as well. Looking forward to ordering again!
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