• Reviewed by: bczemail  on: 2020/4/17 14:19:39
    Are youlosed for everything now? Doyou know when you will open forbtake out?
  • Reviewed by: brandonradeff  on: 2020/2/11 14:22:40
    May I use the coupon that I got in the mail online with delivery?
  • Reviewed by: michelle_k  on: 2020/1/17 4:52:53
    I love this place! Been there several times and everything I've ordered has been great. Plus each entree has enough food for 2 meals so I always take food home with me :-)
  • Reviewed by: 0819bori  on: 2019/4/26 9:02:36
    this place its amazing their food its super good.
  • Reviewed by: samdalehoward  on: 2019/3/22 13:09:51
    Wow! Good Lo Mein!
  • Reviewed by: ndtjdowney  on: 2019/2/23 13:43:57
    How many people does your catering menu serve on appetizers and entrees ? What size trays are you using for entrees? Not sure I understand the lo menu / rice what is the difference please? Thank you
  • Reviewed by: maloneyken  on: 2019/11/27 21:46:32
    I ordered 2 orders of seasame chicken from you last night and it had a very bad burn taste to it.
  • Reviewed by: f.hool760  on: 2018/12/23 19:45:01
    I just from Cali .. I'm trying this place for the first time and is great food ... Thank yoi
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